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Just for Today Wallet Card

It's Prayer Time: Prayer & Spiritual Warfare from the African-American Perspective

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Bill W Rode A Harley Mug

Personal Prayer Journal: Devote Yourselves to Prayer, Being Watchful and Thankful

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Men's Recovery Celebration Ring, 14K Gold

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Songs of Hope, Awareness, and Recovery (SHARE)

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Just for Today Pocket Power

A Forgiveness Meditation: A Guided Meditation Into the Heart

Serenity Prayer Journal Deluxe
Serenity Prayer
Journal Deluxe

The Power Of Prayer And The Prayer Of Power

Meditation Set for Men

The Language of Letting Go Journal

A Retreat With the Psalms: Resources for Personal and Communal Prayer

AA Key Chain

Lord's Prayer Print

Women in Recovery Medallion

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Recovery Books Teakwood Keepsake Box
Recovery Books Teakwood Keepsake Box

Serenity Scope Pendant - 14k gold-plated
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Serenity Prayer Book Black Cover - Big Book

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Help for Helpers
Help for Helpers
Daily Meditations for Counselors

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Seyder Tkhines:
The Forgotten Book
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One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time
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The Dance of the Dolphin: Finding Prayer, Perspective and Meaning in the Stories of Our Lives

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One Day at a Time Tan Leather Wrap Journal

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Lord's Prayer
Lord's Prayer
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90 Days, One Day at a Time : A New Beginning for People in Recovery

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Meditation and Prayer Books
Touchstones Touchstones
A Book Of Daily Meditations For Men

Softcover, 400 pages       Author: Hazelden Meditations       ISBN: 0894863940 Publisher: Hazelden        Published Year: 1986

"One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe tells us, but sometimes simply being a man can be a mighty struggle. Take heart from this companionable book of daily meditations, a year's worth of friendly words to cheer you on your way. Speaking straight to men who are striving for serenity or trying to maintain emotionally and spiritually balanced lives, these daily touchstones begin with quotations from sources as varied as William Shakespeare, Wendell Berry, Michael Spinks, and Woody Allen and conclude with affirmations that underscore the lessons of intimacy, integrity and spirituality. They explore the masculine role of lover or spouse, father or friend and, like a helping hand extended, case the daily strain of making a man's way.

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Daily Reflections
A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members

Softcover, 400 pages    Item: 2013
Publisher: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.    Published Year: 1990

A collection of 366 inspirational messages about living sober through the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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A Day at a Time (Softcover) A Day at a Time (Softcover)
Daily Reflections for Recovering People

Softcover Edition, 384 pages      Author: Anonymous  ISBN: 1568380364 Publisher: Hazelden                    Published Year: 1989

Based on the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous, these daily reflections and prayers offer inspiration, comfort, and hope to those of us recovering from addictions. A Day at a Time also draws upon the wisdom of the world's greatest poets, scholars, and philosophers.

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If You Want What We Have If You Want What We Have
Sponsorship Meditations

Softcover, 400 pages      Author: Joan Larkin        ISBN: 1568381921
Publisher: Hazelden       Published Year: 1998

Written as conversations between sponsor and sponsee, these daily meditations explore the concerns, dilemmas, and struggles involved every day in recovery. Provides insights for sponsors on mutual trust, compassion, and what is important in recovery.

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Keep It Simple Keep It Simple
Daily Meditations For Twelve-Step Beginnings And Renewal

Softcover, 400 pages       Author: Hazelden Meditations     ISBN: 0894866257 Publisher: Hazelden        Published Year: 1989

Life can be complicated and hectic, but when we keep things simple, we can bring them down to a manageable size. These meditations focus on the Twelve Steps, stressing the importance of putting into practice new beliefs, slogans, and fellowship.

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Keepers of The Wisdom - Daily Meditations Keepers of The Wisdom - Daily Meditations
Reflections From Lives Well Lived

4"x6" trade paper, 400 pages     Author: Karen Casey     ISBN: 1568381174 Publisher:                                   Published Year: 1996

Keepers of the Wisdom, a daily meditation guide for older adults, captures the words of the aging themselves. Casey, in her classic style, comments upon those insights with her own wisdom and sensitivity, providing affirmations that can become a part of one's daily living. Underlying each of the meditations is a deep sense of a spiritual center gained through experience and acceptance.

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Worthy of Love Worthy of Love
Meditations On Loving Ourselves And Others

Softcover, 106 pages      Author: Karen Casey      ISBN: 0894863398
Publisher: Hazelden       Published Year: 1986

For those who struggle to love and be loved -- 52 wisdom-filled meditations. Favorite Hazelden author Karen Casey clarifies the varieties of love: the love we show friends, family, a lover, even ourselves.

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In God's Care In God's Care
Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery

Softcover, 400 pages   Author: Karen Casey   Item: 5124
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services  Published Year: 1991

In God's Care guides readers in understanding and strengthening their connection with a Higher Power, however they choose to define that presence. With the inspiration and support unique to Hazelden meditation books, In God's Care offers encouragement and guidance for "practicing the presence of God" in daily life.

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Today's Gift Today's Gift
Daily Meditations for Families

Softcover, 400 pages    Author: Hazelden Meditations    Item: 1031
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services  Published Year: 1985

This is the book from which thousands enjoy a Thought for the Day each day on Hazelden's homepage.

Each family member is both an individual and a part of a larger unit. The tensions and joys that can help a family care for all its members are explored in these 366 meditations that nurture family esteem and strengthen family bonds. These meditations help us consider topics like harmony, sharing, individuality, trust, privacy, and tolerance.

The readings in Today's Gift nurture self-esteem by encouraging discussion, self-expression, and respect. Insightful, challenging, and caring quotations -- from ancient proverbs, nursery rhymes and cartoon characters, and from figures such as William Blake, Anne Frank, Tillie Olsen, Albert Einstein, Erma Bombeck, M. Scott Peck, and many more -- are accompanied by a thoughtful reflection and an inspiring affirmation.

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Listening to Your Inner Voice Listening to Your Inner Voice
Discover The Truth Within You And Let It Guide Your Way -
A New Collection Of Affirmations And Meditations

5-1/4" x 8-1/4", Trade paper, 168 pages    Author: Douglas Bloch    Item: 7657 Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services   Published Year: 1991

Bloch's insights empower us to find a sense of purpose and to grow in our spirituality.

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The 12 Step Prayer Book - Second Edition The 12 Step Prayer Book - Second Edition
A Collection Of Favorite 12 Step Prayers & Inspirational Readings

Softcover, 4x6, 110 pp.    Author: Bill P.    Author: Lisa D.    Item: 2367Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services    Published Year: 2004

Words of wisdom and inspiration, gleaned from Twelve Step meetings and adapted from common prayers and devotional readings, fill the second edition of this popular prayer book. Featuring 44 new prayers, the updated and enhanced second edition offers a total of 183 inspirational passages to assist members of all Twelve Step fellowships in their prayer life and spiritual progress. Anyone who has had difficulty finding "the right words" to speak with his or her Higher Power will find abundant resources in this stirring collection.

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Each Day a New Beginning Journal Each Day a New Beginning Journal
A Meditation Book and Journal for Daily Reflection

Softcover, 400 pages    Author: Karen Casey    Item: 1851
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services   Published Year: 2001

"Let me be grateful for my lessons today and know that all is well." Inspired by millions of women who have made Each Day a new Beginning their daily companion, this journal version of the beloved meditation book allows you to personalize favorite passages. Record your hopes and fears, your triumphs and setbacks, as you reflect on the lessons found in living each new day. With insight and clarity, daily meditations explore common issues that women struggle with, from loneliness and shame to spirituality and hope. Women in recovery, as well as all women interested in personal development and self-discovery, will find guidance and affirmation in this invaluable journal.

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Journey to the Heart Journey to the Heart
Daily Meditations On The Path To Freeing Your Soul

Softcover, 384 pages    Author: Melody Beattie    Item: 6577
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Inc.    Published Year: 1996

Writing with the same warmth, honesty, and compassion that has attracted such a loyal following, Melody Beattie now charts a new path toward spiritual growth and renewal. In 365 insightful and delightfully warm daily reflections, Journey to the Heart will comfort and inspire us all as we begin to discover our true purpose in the world and learn to connect even more deeply with ourselves, the creative force, and the magic and mystery in the world around and within us.

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Free at Last Free at Last
Daily Meditations By And For Inmates

Author: Hazelden Meditations    Item: 7807
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services Published Year: 1994

The high correlation between substance abuse and crime makes treatment for inmates a vital concern. Free at Last gives voice to those inmates who have escaped the prison of chemical dependency and offers a promise of hope to other inmates still bound by addiction. As Joe, serving a 45-year sentence, explains, "Even if I was never to get out of this prison, today I truly know I am free within."

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The Prayer That Changes Everything - Book of Prayers

Heartfelt prayers from the book The Prayer That Changes Everything. Small enough to keep in a purse or pocket for quick conversations with God.

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Meditations for the Twelve Steps Meditations for the Twelve Steps
A Spiritual Journey

Softcover, 176 pages    Item: 6555
Publisher: RPI Publishing, Inc. Published Year: 1993

Each of the 137 meditations in this rich devotional book is based on a Bible quotation and one of the Christ-centered versions of the Twelve Steps. Each section begins with a reflection on one of the Twelve Steps.

Using stories from daily life, the authors open our hearts and minds to possibilities: that a loving, forgiving God wants us to give up control and let him take over; that we can tell ourselves the truth; that we can make amends to ourselves and others for past wrongs; and that we can live one day at a time with the help of God, our Higher Power and Father.

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The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life and the Lord's Prayer : An Interpretation

Author: Fox, Emmet   Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harpercollins   Pub. Date: 11/1/1989

The Sermon on the Mount offers practical guidelines to people of all faiths who seek to bring health, happiness, and true prosperity into their lives and into the lives of others.

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Glad Day Daily Affirmations Glad Day Daily Affirmations
Daily Meditations For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender People


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Days of Healing, Days of Joy Days of Healing, Days of Joy
Daily Meditations For Adult Children


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Prayer for People Who Think Too Much: A Guide to Everyday, Anywhere Prayer from the World's Faith Traditions


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Journey through Womanhood Journey through Womanhood
Meditations from Our Collective Soul
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My Personal Prayer Book

This hardcover Perpetual Prayer book has a prayer for each day of the year, featuring scripture as well as both formal and informal prayers. A page at the end of each month is reserved for personal reflection.

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