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The Spiritual Self: Reflections on Recovery and God

Spirituality & Meditation Links

Large site with spirituality links, tools, quizzes and much more.
Christians for Biblical Equality
Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, CBE is a non-profit (501 (c) 3) organization whose purpose is to promote biblical teachings about the equality of men and women, of all races and economic classes. Our primary focus is on equality of Christian women and men in homes and churches. Our theology and membership is largely evangelical, and we cross all denominational lines.
Experience God.  Love each other.  Reach the world.  Singles Community in the upper 20's through the 30's at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie
Love, Faith and Miracles
Meditations on the Twelve Steps for the Healing of Addictions and Relationships. Contains meditations for each of the 12 Steps. Personal Growth - Spiritual healing, new millennium, recovery, and guidance for daily life. Inspired writing. Discussion board. Resources. Reviewed links.

Not finding what you're looking for? Try a search on Google!

Spirituality & Health: The Soul/Body Connection
Spirituality & Health reports on the people, the practices, and the ideas of the current spiritual renaissance; and offers self-tests, guidance on spiritual practices; reviews of the latest resources for people on spiritual journeys; inspiration and insights from leading teachers, researchers, and practitioners; and a forum for the active exchange of ideas among various disciplines and communities
Spirituality for Today
Spirituality for Today
is an interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.
Millions of spiritual seekers are finding that spirituality is bigger than any one category or definition. And they are finding connections with spirituality throughout their life experiences—it's a substantial part of their identity and is a goodness that is universal, impartial and available to meet any need. is a Web community for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality and life in order to make a difference in the world. It is a resource for every individual's spiritual journey.
Today's Promise
A short meditation and Bible reading, posted daily, through the Campus Crusade for Christ
Wilderness Quest Outdoor Youth Treatment Program
An outdoor youth treatment program helping adolescents and young adults achieve change through intensive wilderness living and facilitated self-discovery.   "You don't have to be religious to be spiritual," says Father Leo Booth.  "Spirituality is how you connect to yourself and the world, mentally, emotionally and physically.  We do not get spirituality through religion or philosophy.  It is simply the essence of being human."  At Wilderness Quest, spirituality is not taught as a particular religion.  Part of the12-Step program is seeking out contact with a Higher Power of our own understanding, someone or something outside ourselves that loves and cares about us all the time, and with whom performance does not equal worth.  The beauty of 12-Step spirituality is that people are not required to adhere to a specific set of ideas about the nature of "God" or living a spiritual life.  It validates personal spiritual experiences and brings in an added dimension on the addiction and the individual's vital need to connect with a power greater than themselves.  Addictions are spiritual diseases - our spirits are not at ease.  The way to heal and recover then is to heal our spirit and recover our soul.
Your Daily Angel
The Angels and beautiful prayers you will experience in this area are from a wonderful book, "A Wing and a Prayer (Original Tribe Handbook of Angels)" by JoAnne Karl Cornog.

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In an effort to be self-supporting, the Minnesota Recovery Page includes a limited amount of advertising.  The MRP makes a small amount of money when you click on the links below and/or purchase an item after clicking through a link.  

Twelve Step Christianity
Twelve Step Christianity

In God's Care
In God's Care
Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery

Serenity Prayer Mug
Serenity Prayer Mug

What Is Spirituality?
What Is Spirituality?

Footprints Pocket Medallion
Footprints Pocket Medallion

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The Spiritual Self
The Spiritual Self
Reflections on
Recovery and God

A Day at a Time (Hard Cover)
A Day at a Time
Daily Reflections for Recovering People


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