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Surviving an Eating Disorder : Strategies for Families and Friends

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook : A...  Comprehensive Guide to the Causes, Treatments, and Prevention of Eating Disorders

Diary of an Eating Disorder : A Mother and Daughter Share Their Healing Journey


Understanding Weight and Depression : A A Teen Eating Disorder Prevention Book

Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager

Wasted : A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia

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Good Enough...When Losing is Winning, and Thin Enough Can Never be Achieved

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Fed-Up: Fight Eating Disorders by Understanding the Problems
This page is dedicated to those who deal with issues of size, body shape and self-worth. If you feel as though the span of your hips and the size of your clothes outweigh the content of your thoughts and the value of your character, I offer you this homepage as a token of friendship and personal understanding. If you're tired of being told that happiness, sexiness and usefulness expire after size 14, then don't just get mad . . . Get Fed-up!
FINDINGbalance is the first national organization dedicated to creating consumer awareness and understanding of non-extreme eating disorders, referred to clinically as EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified) or "Sub-Clinical" eating disorders. While we offer information and resources on all types of eating disorders, our primary interest is in shedding light on the staggering number of people who struggle with non-extreme types of disordered eating, such as chronic dieting, exercise obsessions and compulsive over eating.
Food Addicts Anonymous
Food Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who are willing to recover from the disease of food addiction. Sharing our experience, strength, and hope with others allows us to recover from this disease, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

The FAA program is based on the belief that food addiction is a bio-chemical disease. By following a food plan devoid of all addictive substances, we can recover. These substances include sugar, flour, and wheat in all their forms. They also include fats and any other high-carbohydrate, refined, processed foods that cause us problems individually. 

Our primary purpose is to stay abstinent and to help other food addicts achieve abstinence. We invite you to join us on the road to recovery and suggest you attend six meetings before you decide you don't need our help. You need to know that withdrawal is a necessary part of recovery. We can get better if we continue to follow our food plan, work the tools of the program, and ask for help! 

Growth Groups
The incidence of binge/compulsive eating is prevalent in our culture. The physical consequences may include high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, stress on the pancreas (secondary diabetes), dental  and digestive problems. The psychological features include depression, anxiety and anger; fear; low self-esteem; hypersensitivity to criticism and approval; powerlessness; numbness; social preoccupation with food, weight, and appearance; social withdrawal and isolation. Secrecy is the result of the shame and guilt experienced. The Binge/Compulsive Eating Individual Program reduces the shame, guilt and isolation, enhancing recovery.
Gürze Books
Publishes materials related to eating disorders.  Free Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue. Also. . . Self-Help Books, Music, and Videos, Information about Eating Disorders, Treatment Facilities, and Helpful Organizations
Harvard Eating Disorders Center
The Harvard Eating Disorders Center (HEDC) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary community of scholars dedicated to cutting-edge research, education, and public discourse in the field of eating disorders. A leading academic research center for eating disorders, HEDC was established - under the leadership of David B. Herzog, M.D., and as an affiliate of Harvard Medical School - to expand knowledge about eating disorders, their detection, treatment, and prevention and to share that knowledge with the community at large.
Healthy Within
Healthy Within is a unique outpatient program for eating disorders. Our program provides treatment for adolescent males, adolescent females, adult males and adult females suffering from eating disorders. The treatment team consists of the following professionals: psychologists, nutritionist, registered marriage and family therapist intern, yoga instructor and expressive arts therapist. Our team assures that treatment is comprehensive and thorough. Individualized treatment plans, combined with small group therapy, provide a supportive environment where people can practice new behaviors and learn new ways to relate to themselves and others.


Helping To End Eating Disorders
N.Y. based recovery program. Site offers information & chat. The HEED Foundation was formed in 1996 by Dr. Ira M. Sacker. It provides specialized services to those battling eating disorders. There are over 12 million people in the United States alone ranging in age, race, gender, creed and religion who suffer from Eating Disorders .
HUGS International
HUGS is an initiative built on a framework of diet free lifestyles. It is Health focused, centered on Understanding lifestyle behaviours, Group supported, and Self esteem building. HUGS offers programs and workshops for adults and teens based on the publication of three lifestyle books (You Count, Calories Don't; Staying Off the Diet Roller Coaster; Tailoring Your Tastes).

The adult program focuses on health, nourishing eating and activity patterns, and self-acceptance rather than dieting and weight loss. The teen program is designed to instill confidence for personal decisions on health, energy and emotional needs. A taste training workshop explores taste, creating an awareness of the interplay of food taste, texture, appearance and how our body responds. A midlife workshop helps women embrace guilt free self-caring and to consider menopause as a life empowerment opportunity.

InnerSolutions is a counseling service dedicated to helping people heal from food, weight and body issues. At InnerSolutions, we base our philosophy on our personal experiences of overcoming weight problems and the knowledge that diets do not work. Diets promote deprivation and as a result they provoke eating binges. Diets are built on the assumption that people cannot trust their own bodies to tell them what to eat and therefore need to have someone else prescribe, and sometimes provide, their food for them.
International Size Acceptance Association
The MISSION of the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) is to promote SIZE ACCEPTANCE and fight SIZE DISCRIMINATION throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.

ISAA's primary purpose is to end the most common form of size discrimination and bigotry--that against fat children and adults; ISAA will strive to defend the human rights of members affected by other forms of size discrimination as well.

ISAA defines SIZE DISCRIMINATION as any action which places people at a disadvantage simply because of their size. ISAA defines SIZE ACCEPTANCE as acceptance of self and others without regard to weight or body size.

Site offers a message board, pen pals for teens & current news.

Junk Food Anonymous
Fellowship of individuals who share experience, strength & hope with each other that they may solve their common problem & help others recover from the effects of addiction or dependency on synthetic or refined foods.
Managing Your Weight
Articles on topics such as weight cycling, binge eating & prevention tips for parents.
Happiness Closes- Helen Keller
Happiness Closes- Helen Keller Magnet
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One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time Art Print
Hahlbohm, Danny
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Peanuts: Celebrate the Little Things
Peanuts: Celebrate the Little Things Art Print
Schulz, Charles
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Information & resources for getting help & a Survivors Wall.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders
ANAD serves the nation, and increasingly the world, as an Association concerned with and providing programs for the entire eating disorders field. Twenty-three years after its inception on March 4, 1976, ANAD leads the fight in the battle against deadly disorders with a multi-faceted program.
National Eating Disorder Information Centre (Canada)
The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is a Toronto-based, non-profit organization, established in 1985 to provide information and resources on eating disorders and weight preoccupation. NEDIC began as a result of the concerted efforts of a group of health-care providers. Based on a national needs-assessment undertaken in 1983 by the Health League of Canada, a proposal was made for initial funding of an information centre which would focus on eating disorders and socio-cultural factors influencing the health-related behaviour of women.

NEDIC has a non-dieting, client-centered, feminist philosophy. In essence, this means that NEDIC workers will not refer clients to diet centers or services which advocate restrictive eating patterns as a solution to food and weight preoccupation or other problems. The philosophy held by NEDIC is that dieting is intrinsically harmful to the individual in that, in addition to potential physiological harm, it perpetuates the illusory cultural notion that imposing control over one's body-size will create control and efficacy in one's life.NEDIC promotes healthy lifestyles, which includes both healthy eating and appropriate, enjoyable exercise. Being client-centered dictates that staff strive to provide all available information and guidance regarding available services, treatment modalities, and alternatives in a manner which empowers the client to make informed choices. The feminist philosophy of NEDIC includes the unequivocal belief in the equal value of all human beings and their right to equivalent civil rights. This position underpins the methodical attempts that NEDIC makes to illuminate the socio-cultural aspects of eating problems. An additional aspect of this is to raise awareness of fat-prejudice and the myths and stereotypes which perpetuate irrational and damaging responses for all persons, thin or fat. It also informs the work that NEDIC staff do to locate women's and men's food and weight issues within the contexts of their lives rather than as individual pathologies.

National Eating Disorder Organization
The National Eating Disorders Association came into being in 2001, when Eating Disorders Awareness & Prevention (EDAP) joined forces with the American Anorexia Bulimia Association (AABA) to create the largest eating disorders prevention and advocacy organization in the world. The merger was the most recent in a series of alliances that has also included the National Eating Disorder Organization (NEDO) and Anorexia Nervosa & Related Disorders (ANRED). Each organization has contributed years of valuable experience, unique programming, and the commitment of the field’s most renowned clinicians, educators and researchers to create a unified force in the fight against eating disorders.
National Eating Disorder Screening Program
Free & anonymous program offering the opportunity to get information, take a written self test, meet with a health professional & get a referral for further evaluation.

The National Eating Disorders Screening Program materials focus on the three main types of eating disorders – anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. The goal of the program is to both raise the level of awareness about eating disorders and to encourage people who may be suffering from eating disorders to seek further help and treatment. Participating sites are encouraged to network with community groups and other internal departments, thereby creating liaisons which can continue to be utilized throughout the year. In this way, NEDSP serves as a catalyst for ongoing outreach about eating disorders and other illnesses.

New Realities
New Realities Eating Disorders Recovery Centre is a centre for recovery from eating disorders including binge eating, compulsive overeating, bulimia and anorexia. At the centre we are interested in helping those with eating disorders and their families and friends through the information at this site as well as through the services we offer at the centre. We hope you will stay awhile and browse through our site for information about eating disorders and recovery and about our centre.
Not MY Kid
Not MY Kid, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about the most prevalent youth and adolescent mental and behavioral health issues.
NOVA: Dying to be Thin
Online video documentary from the PBS series NOVA looking at body image and eating disorders.
Obesity & Weight Control
Information on obesity, eating disorders & associated medical conditions.
Overcoming Overeating
Women’s Campaign to End Body Hatred & Dieting offers a newsletter, personal stories, e-mail discussion group & therapist list.
The Women's Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting grew out of the concepts contained in two books on the subject of curing compulsive eating and achieving self acceptance no matter what your size. These two books are "Overcoming Overeating" and "When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies" - both by Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter. These ideas are also presented in an earlier book directed at childhood eating problems called "Preventing Childhood Eating Problems" by Jane Hirschmann and Lela Zaphiropoulos.
Overeaters Anonymous Overeaters Anonymous
Fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength & hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating.

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In an effort to be self-supporting, the Minnesota Recovery Page includes a limited amount of advertising.  The MRP makes a small amount of money when you click on the links below and/or purchase an item after clicking through a link.  

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Compulsive Overeater
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Food for Thought
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Why Can't I Stop Eating?
Why Can't I Stop Eating?
 Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Food Addiction

Serenity Prayer Mug
Serenity Prayer Mug

Fat Is a Family Affair - Second Edition
Fat Is a Family Affair - Second Edition
How Food Obsessions
Affect Relationships

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Breaking Free from Anorexia and Bulimia

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Deliverance to a Fresh Spirit: 12-Step Guide for Ending Toxic Relationships and Overcoming Their Effects
Deliverance to a Fresh Spirit: 12-Step Guide for Ending Toxic Relationships and Overcoming Their Effects

Bulimia/Anorexia: The Binge-Purge Cycleand Self-Starvation

Overeaters Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous

Members of Overeaters Anonymous Share Their Experience, Strength, and Hope